Sixth letter to the judge

By this point I have written over 100 pages worth of Emails, Letters, Texts and THREE books. I have sent the court all of it and it has been almost a year since I have contacted them with one simple request. As of this post, I only received the initial response back in June of last year.

I had really thought one letter would be enough considering the content. While I could understand the court being reluctant to open such documents to a stranger, I was a patient, a FAMILY member and literally a party referenced in the sealed file. This when I learned Maria had actually used my copyrighted intellectual property to get a better settlement. That is to say she wanted to use the pain and suffering I went through to financial enrich herself further in the divorce case.

I wrote the judge another letter (The SIXTH one in this case) asking her to confirm whether my copyrighted intellectual property had been used in this case.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Sixth letter the judge 2-6-18″]