Maria – Emails, Letters and Texts

ALL emails and letters to Maria are at the bottom of this list – Only name has been changed – Just click on links below.

1st Email 3-8-15

I called Todd up to discuss the text and after he tried to turn it into an argument about money, and I wouldn’t engage in that, he hung up the phone. The conversation lasted 2 minutes. He was going to employ the same tactic he used with the prostitute he hustled, thinking, Ignore him and he will go away. I was expendable. To him, I was just another prostitute. At that point I realized I had no other choice, but to loop his wife Maria into this.

I had attached the text I sent to my father. I honestly didn’t expect much, but was hoping she would show some type of remorse, something. She called me on on the phone screaming and hung up within a minutes time.

2nd Email 3-8-15

After being hung up on within a minute, I sent the below followup email.

Her response in the one minute call was classic Maria.

“I didn’t know anything,” Maria started the conversation and then tried to immediately shut it down by continuing with, “I am going to talk about this once and then never speak of it again.”

However, I was done letting them bully me. I asked her calmly to stop yelling. She hung up in two minutes this time.

True to my word, I called two hours later. not surprising me she didn’t pick up.

I would get a hold of her several days later…

3rd Email 3-10-15

After several days we had another two minute call before she hung up on me.

Each conversation Maria and I had she tried everything she could to shut me down. When she didn’t get what she wanted she broke off communication and I had to start calling her several times before I could get her on the phone. She was making it clear that if I continued to press she would just stop picking up the phone.

4th Email 3-14-15

Eventually we did get on the phone again and Maria immediately tried to talk over me and bully me only to hang up when I asked if I could turn down the TV. The phone call lasted one minute.

It would be another three weeks before I could get her on the phone again.

5th Email 4-4-15

This time it took close to a month to get Maria on the phone. She was making it clear she didn’t have to talk to me and if I kept pushing this she would simply stop picking up the phone.

I tried to appeal to her Christian values this time and voice my concern that way.

Switching to their default position, Maria figured ignoring me was the way to go. The old “Ignore it and it will go away” tactic was a proven winner for my father.

When Cindy from Vegas started blowing up my burner phone after Soon- didn’t pay her off, I called my father.

“Ignore the calls,” Todd said with the confidence of someone who had done it a hundred times, “it’s been my experience if you just ignore it long enough, it will go away.”

Unlike Cindy, they had called me “family” at one point. We are talking decades of family holidays, vacations, graduation, etc.

I kept trying to prove to myself my suspicions were wrong, that they really loved me and I didn’t want to accept the fact that they considered me nothing more than a prostitute, someone to be used, exploited and then discarded.

6th Email 4-6-15

Switching to their default position, Maria figured ignoring me was the way to go. The old “Ignore it and it will go away” tactic was a proven winner for my father.

When Cindy started blowing up my burner phone after Soon-Li didn’t pay her off, I had called my father and asked him what to do. His response made me wonder how long he had been doing this.

“Ignore the her,” he said with a confidence I could only assume had been built by years of practice, “it’s been my experience if you just ignore it long enough, it will go away.”

However, unlike Cindy I thought I was “family.” I still believed a lifetime of graduations, holidays, vacations, had to mean something in my mind.

7th Email 4-19-15

After a week with no response, I finally gave up.

Maria wasn’t going to reach out to the family pastor herself. I really wanted to believe that this whole thing hadn’t been planned since “the custody battle.”

Maria didn’t even pretend to care anymore. The job was done in her mind; this was just clean up. What she didn’t know was that I had contacted the Pastor several years ago, seeking both help spiritually and emotionally with this issue.

At this point, I was going to try and bring him in to mediate some type of discussion on the matter. I was desperate to matter to my “family.”

Maria called me the following week and told me that she had talked with Landon.

She left me a voicemail and she was pissed. She started by saying that she was aware that I had talked with the Pastor before she had talked with him and had met with him as well.

Instead of being happy that I tried to find someone to help us mediate this problem, she sounded angry.
Then she jumped into how she was always going to take care of HER girls and it wasn’t MY responsibility and she had already told them about the situation.

My main concern was making sure the girls had an accurate picture of what had happened and the steps I had taken to keep them out of this. I was going to wait until after Madison had given birth to my nephew, but Maria had decided to give them her version before I could tell them what really happened. I would have been fine with her telling them if she had actually protected her daughters’ interests in this matter. Unfortunately, she wasn’t. She was just continuing to enable my father’s behavior.

However, with my grandmother no longer alive, Maria didn’t have her favorite club to keep me in line.
In her voicemail she made it very clear she felt this was really about my portion of the inheritance and that anything that happened between my father and myself was our business. She wasn’t going to participate in helping me with this one as she needed to take care of herself and it was really “our” problem.

What Maria didn’t realize was that ever since I got out of the hospital, I knew I was going to have to take care of this one. To be clear, I REALLY didn’t want to be the one to deal with it and when it was a money thing I had walked but I had been very clear in all of my emails what my concerns were and she knew she couldn’t spin this one.

Had Maria or anyone else in the family put a small amount of effort into “trying” to fix this problem, this website wouldn’t exist.

While I knew where Maria and my father stood, I wanted to be there for my sisters if I could. I sent them all of the emails to date along with an email.

Last Text

After Maria and the family had shut down the possibility of even discussing the above with Pastor Landon, I decided to wait an additional six months before publishing the book. I prayed every day that there would be some type of last minute miracle, but in my heart I knew better.

She never responded after I mentioned the big project. At this point I am pretty sure she knew what I was talking about, but didn’t want to discuss it. After all, I had forwarded chapter one to Madison and Lisa to let them know what I had been dealing with.

I decided to wait another three months.