Lisa – Emails and letters

ALL emails and letters to Lisa are at the bottom of this list – Only name has been changed – Just click on links below.

1st Email 4-21-15

While I knew where Maria and my father stood, I wanted to be there for my sisters if I could. I sent them all of the emails to date along with the below.

I heard nothing at all from them. I hadn’t really expected it, to be honest. But I am thorough. I sent one last email.

2nd Email 4-28-15

I got an email from Pastor Landon saying he had talked with the entire family and no one wished to speak with me anymore. I know Pastor Landon did his best but you can only help people if they are willing to participate.

I will always appreciate Pastor Landon’s prayers, kindness and sage advice.

I sent my sisters one last email.

I never heard back from them.

My greatest fears had been realized and I was being phased out of the family.

11-16-16 I sent the a copy of the book. I printed out the first email and highlighting the part about my written record of what happened.

3rd Letter 6-28-17

The below is the last letter I sent my sisters. It had been two and a half years and not a word from them:

As of publishing this website I have never heard from them. Not even an email, letter or text.