1st Letter to the Supervisory Judge

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First letter to Supervisory Judge is at the bottom of this list – Only name has been removed – Just click on links below.

After writing six letters to the “visiting” judge in this case, I decided to reach out to the Supervisor Judge who oversaw not just the county but also this courts Judges. Since I am not a lawyer and considering the content of the material, I was pretty sure I was reaching out to the wrong Judge on this issue.

Not only was this a huge health and safety issue for the general public but a couple of friends mine who were lawyers told me that they could be guilty of manslaughter or worse (considering the fact both of them treated me as a patient.) Throughout this entire process I had tried to do everything I could to avoid the legal route and simply protect others from their predatory ways.

Unfortunately, the way they had handled this made me believe neither party felt they had done anything wrong. It was as if the believed that their money, jobs and social status put them above right and wrong. This was one of the main reasons I have tried to get their file unsealed.

The general public needed to see what both people were capable of, so they could protect themselves and make informed decisions about their health care (Past, Present or Future.)

I was hoping i had simply gone to the wrong Judge and that this judge would be able to unseal the documents to help alert the public about who they were dealing with when it came to these “health care professionals” and public figures…


Sixth letter to the Judge

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Sixth letter to Judge is at the bottom of this list – Only name has been removed – Just click on links below.

By this point I have written over 100 pages worth of Emails, Letters, Texts and THREE books. I have sent the court all of it and it has been almost a year since I have contacted them with one simple request. As of this post, I only received the initial response back in June of last year.

I had really thought one letter would be enough considering the content. While I could understand the court being reluctant to open such documents to a stranger, I was a patient, a FAMILY member and literally a party referenced in the sealed file. This when I learned Maria had actually used my copyrighted intellectual property to get a better settlement. That is to say she wanted to use the pain and suffering I went through to financial enrich herself further in the divorce case.

I wrote the judge another letter (The SIXTH one in this case) asking her to confirm whether my copyrighted intellectual property had been used in this case.


Letters to the Judge and initial response redacted

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Letters to Judge and initial response is at the bottom of this list – Only names have been removed – Just click on links below.

When I found out that Maria had agreed to have the divorce records sealed and had not reported Todd’s activities with me to any of the governing agencies in Texas (The Texas State Medical Board, The Texas Department of State Health, etc.) I wrote the Judge in the case asserting that unsealing the records was in the publics best interest. In addition to both parties working for the general public at the clinic as both physician and executive director of the clinic, each of them had either occupied or run for public offices for the county using their credentials as health care professionals as qualifiers for those positions. In my opinion that made them public figures and a greater degree of public scrutiny of both people was warranted as it was in the publics best interests. The below are the letters I sent and only the first one was answered:


Sending Pastor Landon rough draft of book – 2-3-16

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Sending Pastor Landon the book letter is at the bottom of this list – Only name has been removed – Just click on links below.

On February 3rd, 2016, I sent one last email to Pastor Landon. While deciding to publish the book felt like my only option, I wanted to make sure he got an advanced copy. The original title was Family Secrets.

Landon replied the next day, letting me know that he was continuing to pray for me and my family. I knew he had done everything he could and it was up to me to make this right.


Last text to Maria and surprise response – 10-21-15

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After Maria and the family had shut down the possibility of even discussing the above with Pastor Landon, I decided to wait an additional six months before publishing the book. I prayed every day that there would be some type of last minute miracle, but in my heart I knew better.

She never responded after I mentioned the big project. At this point I am pretty sure she knew what I was talking about, but didn’t want to discuss it. After all, I had forwarded chapter one to Madison and Lisa to let them know what I had been dealing with.

I decided to wait another three months.


Emails and letters to Pastor Landon

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The Below are my emails to our Pastor.

Out of respect for him and his privacy, I have not attached his replies. He is a good man who simply tried to help me in a bad situation. Unfortunately, since when my family told him the didn’t want to seek spiritual counseling and some kind of reconciliation, there wasn’t a lot he could do.

I really had gone to him for a spiritual solution and to offer them one more chance to get on the right side of this one. They were not interested, but I will be eternally grateful to him for his council.

I have post my emails to him to demonstrate how much I benefited from his spiritual council. I do believe he helped me with the spiritual aspect of this and my night terrors lessened as a result of his council. I have paraphrased some of his responses in order for the reader to benefit from his wisdom.

I made a number of small donations over the years in appreciation of Landon’s spiritual council. I will be forever grateful for him and that I had the church as a place to go to with this problem.


First email to Lisa and Madison – 4-21-15

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First email to Lisa and Madison is at the bottom of this list – Only names have been changed – Just click on links below.

While I knew where Maria and my father stood, I wanted to be there for my sisters if I could. I sent them all of the emails to date along with the below.

I heard nothing at all from them. I hadn’t really expected it, to be honest. But I am thorough. I sent one last email.



Seventh email to Maria – 4-19-15

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Seventh email to Maria is at the bottom of this list – Only name has been changed – Just click on links below.

After a week with no response, I finally gave up.

Maria wasn’t going to reach out to the family pastor herself. I really wanted to believe that this whole thing hadn’t been planned since “the custody battle.”

Maria didn’t even pretend to care anymore. The job was done in her mind; this was just clean up. What she didn’t know was that I had contacted the Pastor several years ago, seeking both help spiritually and emotionally with this issue.

At this point, I was going to try and bring him in to mediate some type of discussion on the matter. I was desperate to matter to my “family.”

Maria called me the following week and told me that she had talked with Landon.

She left me a voicemail and she was pissed. She started by saying that she was aware that I had talked with the Pastor before she had talked with him and had met with him as well.

Instead of being happy that I tried to find someone to help us mediate this problem, she sounded angry.
Then she jumped into how she was always going to take care of HER girls and it wasn’t MY responsibility and she had already told them about the situation.

My main concern was making sure the girls had an accurate picture of what had happened and the steps I had taken to keep them out of this. I was going to wait until after Madison had given birth to my nephew, but Maria had decided to give them her version before I could tell them what really happened. I would have been fine with her telling them if she had actually protected her daughters’ interests in this matter. Unfortunately, she wasn’t. She was just continuing to enable my father’s behavior.

However, with my grandmother no longer alive, Maria didn’t have her favorite club to keep me in line.
In her voicemail she made it very clear she felt this was really about my portion of the inheritance and that anything that happened between my father and myself was our business. She wasn’t going to participate in helping me with this one as she needed to take care of herself and it was really “our” problem.

What Maria didn’t realize was that ever since I got out of the hospital, I knew I was going to have to take care of this one. To be clear, I REALLY didn’t want to be the one to deal with it and when it was a money thing I had walked but I had been very clear in all of my emails what my concerns were and she knew she couldn’t spin this one.

Had Maria or anyone else in the family put a small amount of effort into “trying” to fix this problem, this website wouldn’t exist.

While I knew where Maria and my father stood, I wanted to be there for my sisters if I could. I sent them all of the emails to date along with an email.


Sixth email to Maria – 4-6-15

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Sixth email to Maria is at the bottom of this list – Only name has been changed – Just click on links below.

Switching to their default position, Maria figured ignoring me was the way to go. The old “Ignore it and it will go away” tactic was a proven winner for my father.

When Cindy started blowing up my burner phone after Soon-Li didn’t pay her off, I had called my father and asked him what to do. His response made me wonder how long he had been doing this.

“Ignore the her,” he said with a confidence I could only assume had been built by years of practice, “it’s been my experience if you just ignore it long enough, it will go away.”

However, unlike Cindy I thought I was “family.” I still believed a lifetime of graduations, holidays, vacations, had to mean something in my mind.