Maria’s family – why their letters aren’t listed and the divorce

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After I sent the unpublished version of the book to Maria’s family I didn’t hear from anyone. Later, a few of them told me that they had reached out and I believe them.

The reason I haven’t published my letters to them is simple. They were kind to me and showed me the care and concern of a real family. Not all of them called me after they got the published book but a few did. That gesture meant the world to me and while I never heard from my sisters, Maria or Todd I was disowned, it was nice to know I wasn’t expendable in everyones eyes.

To honor their request and keep their reaching out to me confidential, I decided not to post all of the letters to Maria’s family. I know this isn’t an easy situation for them and I want them to know I still love them and the rest of the family.

This website was created to answers readers questions of what I did to try and get my immediate family to address this issue. I hope it will also inform others who may have grown up in a similar family dynamic that you are not alone. disowned by their families for telling the truth, to let them know that they are not alone.

After sending Maria’s family and my sisters the published copy of the book, Maria finally filed for divorce. This was 21 months after I originally contacted her and “officially” looped her in on what had happened.

I immediately took the book out of circulation and waited for some type of sign that she, my sisters and the rest of the family were going to get on the right side of this. Unfortunately I learned Maria agreed to have the divorce records sealed, never reported Todd to the Texas State Medical in her capacity as executive director of Todd’s clinic AND ran for public office using her credentials as executive director AFTER I let her know what happened.

With the divorce records sealed, this all but guarantees the issues aren’t addressed and it really is a public health and safety issue at this point. My research has shown that this wasn’t an isolated event but those are not my stories to tell.

I continue to focus on doing what is right and operating in the publics best interests now.

As of publishing this website, I still haven’t heard from my sisters, Maria or Todd.

Final text to Todd – 3-6-15

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After trying for two and a half years to get my father to do the right thing, when I found out I was going to be an uncle, I sent my father the below text on March 6, 2015. Almost four years after our first trip in Montreal:

Please see below text:

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I called Todd up to discuss the text and after he tried to turn it into an argument about money, and I wouldn’t engage in that, he hung up the phone. The conversation lasted 2 minutes. He was going to employ the same tactic he used with the prostitute he hustled, thinking, Ignore him and he will go away. I was expendable. To him, I was just another prostitute. At that point I realized I had no other choice, but to loop his wife Maria into this.