1st Letter to the Supervisory Judge

After writing six letters to the “visiting” judge in this case, I decided to reach out to the Supervisor Judge who oversaw not just the county but also this courts Judges. Since I am not a lawyer and considering the content of the material, I was pretty sure I was reaching out to the wrong Judge on this issue.

Not only was this a huge health and safety issue for the general public but a couple of friends mine who were lawyers told me that they could be guilty of manslaughter or worse (considering the fact both of them treated me as a patient.) Throughout this entire process I had tried to do everything I could to avoid the legal route and simply protect others from their predatory ways.

Unfortunately, the way they had handled this made me believe neither party felt they had done anything wrong. It was as if the believed that their money, jobs and social status put them above right and wrong. This was one of the main reasons I have tried to get their file unsealed.

The general public needed to see what both people were capable of, so they could protect themselves and make informed decisions about their health care (Past, Present or Future.)

I was hoping i had simply gone to the wrong Judge and that this judge would be able to unseal the documents to help alert the public about who they were dealing with when it came to these “health care professionals” and public figures…

[pdf-embedder url=”https://emailslettersandtextstomyfamily.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/1st-Letter-to-Supervising-Judge-2-11-18.pdf” title=”1st Letter to Supervising Judge 2-11-18″]

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