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Emails and letters to Pastor Landon

The Below are my emails to our Pastor.

Out of respect for him and his privacy, I have not attached his replies. He is a good man who simply tried to help me in a bad situation. Unfortunately, since when my family told him the didn’t want to seek spiritual counseling and some kind of reconciliation, there wasn’t a lot he could do.

I really had gone to him for a spiritual solution and to offer them one more chance to get on the right side of this one. They were not interested, but I will be eternally grateful to him for his council.

I have post my emails to him to demonstrate how much I benefited from his spiritual council. I do believe he helped me with the spiritual aspect of this and my night terrors lessened as a result of his council. I have paraphrased some of his responses in order for the reader to benefit from his wisdom.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Emails and Letters to Pastor Landon”]

I made a number of small donations over the years in appreciation of Landon’s spiritual council. I will be forever grateful for him and that I had the church as a place to go to with this problem.

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